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Many People bite their nail when their wedding day comes close and find it really complicated to handle last minute details for the big day and wish for a savior from all these troubles and hectic schedule especially to pull off the wedding smoothly and beautifully for a memory to last a lifetime.

Tirumala Marriage is a full phase wedding planning and coordinating company for the first time in Tirumala Hills (Tirupathi), providing services to all the Peoples worldwide. Tirumala Marriage, as a wedding planner, provides services which starts from Matchmaking to Honeymoon Planning.

Delightful and memorable Tamil,Telugu,Kanada,Malayalee and all type of weddings don't just happen, they take thoughtful planning and careful co-ordination. Tirumala Marriage will help in developing a vision to make the event totally unique and remarkable both nationally and internationally. We believe in creating better than the best and strive for complete satisfaction of our clients. Tirumala Marriage can ease the burden of finding and arranging every requirement of the wedding, lighten the task of coordinating the event and most definitely save your time and money.

Tirumala Marriage's primary goal is to ensure that your event reflects the style and image associated with who you are and what you stand for. Whether this is our client's Matchmaking, Wedding Ceremonies, Shopping, Entertainment etc. We want every detail to be both pleasurable and a memorable experience. Therefore we offer a host of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of each couple.
The Tirumala Marriage Team Comprises of:
Wedding Planner
Wedding Manager
Event coordinator
Fashion Designer
Interior and Exterior Designers
Food and Beverages Manager
Jewellery Designers
Consistent, accurate fulfilment of the client's wishes and wedding dreams.
Maintain an excellent working relationship with vendors.
Provide our client's need promptly and efficiently.
Competitive pricing for the quality of services offered.
Maintain a professional images at all times.
Be one of the best wedding planner specialists in the world.
Stress free and handy wedding planning and co-ordination.
Business Promotion to vendor's company.
Produce the same quality results every time.
Put together every wedding of our clients- a very unique & memorable event.
Create better than the best & strive for complete satisfaction of our clients.
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